Our mission is to showcase the best players in Michigan
Player Position Grad Year Recruiting Info
1 Gianna D'Angelo Outfield 2026 Sport Recruits
2 Reese Brownrigg P, 3B, Outfield 2027 Sport Recruits
4 Isabel Beltinck C, SS, 3B 2027 Sport Recruits
5 Olivia Viazanko P, 2B, SS 2026 Sport Recruits
7 Abby Deering 2B, Outfield 2029 Sport Recruits
9 Anna Joseph 1B, Outfield 2026 Sport Recruits
11 Emily Hartmann P, 3B 2026 Sport Recruits
12 Emersyn Renne SS, Outfield 2026 Sport Recruits
14 Sam Norrito 1B, Outfield 2025 Sport Recruits
21 Stella Phillips C, SS, Outfield 2025 Sport Recruits
23 Addison Wodowski 2B, Outfield 2025 Sport Recruits
99 Kayla Blumenschein P, 3B 2026 Sport Recruits

Position Coach
Head Coach Derek D'Angelo
Assistant Mike Beltnick
Assistant Josh Blumenschein
Assistant Eric Brownrigg
Assistant Ryan Renne
Tournament Schedule
     When       Tournaments    Location 
 June 22nd - 23rd  FAAST Tournament  Eastern Michigan University 
June 25th CMGFL League Play Shelby Twp, Mich
June 27th CMGFL League Play Shelby Twp, Mich
July 9th CMGFL League Play Shelby Twp, Mich
July 13th - 14th   Brighton Tournament  Brighton, Mich