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16u Croud




 Player     Grad Year     Position     Recruiting Info   
5 Mackenzie Smith 2022 C, 2B, SS Sport Recruits
6 Lauryn Mowid 2021 2B, OF Macomb Community College
9 Hailey Schink 2021 P, 3B Sport Recruits
11 Rose Babicz 2021 OF Sport Recruits
13 Natalie Lerchenfeld 2021 P, 2B, 3B Macomb Community College
18 Judy LaFleur 2021 3B, OF  University of Michigan - Dearborn 
19 Samantha Stephens 2021 SS, 2B Sport Recruits
22 Ella Krause 2021 1B, OF Sport Recruits
27   Savannah Prescott   2021 P, 1B, 3B, OF Madonna University
37 Riley Antosz 2021 C, OF, 3B Sport Recruits
52 Rachel Horecki 2021 P, SS, 2B, OF Sport Recruits

Position Coach
Head Coach Lauren Croud
Assistant Tom Croud
Assistant Coach Lindsay Croud
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