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Player Grad Year Position Recruiting Info
2 Ally Prasnjak 2021 P, 3B, 1B Sport Recruits
5 Jenna Sielagoski 2021 Outfield Sport Recruits
6 Skylar Stone 2021 C, 2B, 3B Sport Recruits
7 Elena Schwegman 2021 3B, SS Sport Recruits
10 Makenzie Hayward 2021 P, 3B, 1B Sport Recruits
12 Genna Marasco 2021 OF Sport Recruits
14 Megan Bryant 2021 P, 1B  University of Michigan - Dearborn 
21 Maggie Leveille 2021 C, 1B, OF Sport Recruits
22 Sophia Ceglarek 2021 3B, SS, Outfield Sport Recruits
24 Brooke Davidson 2021 2B, SS, OF Sport Recruits
44 Avery Collins 2021 C, SS, Outfield Sport Recruits


  Position   Coach Email
Coach Shanyn McIntyre coachsmcintyre@gmail.com
Coach Dave McIntyre davemcintyre@gmail.com

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